Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Doing Time With the Most Versatile Invisible Thread Reel on Earth

Fearson's Vectra™ Cobra Electronic Invisible Thread Reel stands alone as the first completely modular ITR, offering unlimited expansion potential. If you own one you already know that besides being exceptionally versatile, it's far and away the easiest thread reel to reload and reset.

The three switches that come with the reel allow you to activate it secretly in numerous different ways while hidden anywhere on your person. And now you have the option to operate the reel HANDS FREE, even with it hidden away in a briefcase, offstage or other hiding spot thanks to the brand new Cobra Programmable Timer Module!

With easy on-board programming you can set the timer to run the reel for a period of time, turning it off and on automatically. And you can repeat this program as many or as few times as you want. These seemingly simple operations allow the timer to operate as your secret assistant, managing your invisible thread for you while you are left free to focus on your performance. It's nothing short of magical.

Watch this short telekinetic demonstration, which uses the Cobra Timer. Can you tell where the timer is hiding?

The Cobra Programmable Timer Module from Steve Fearson is available now at Emagic Supply.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Cobra Remote, the RF remote control that's about to CRUSH the competition. Never before has there been an invisible thread device so well thought out, so user friendly and so darn fun to perform with. Make no mistake, this is the only invisible thread reel designed and manufactured by Steve Fearson, the Master of Levitations. Chances are, you've been let down by reels before. Fearson's Vectra™ Cobra will pick you up and lift your spirits and your magic to new heights. Nothing else comes close.

The Cobra can be loaded with any invisible thread but accepts Fearson's Thread Bullets. It comes pre-loaded with a Vectra™ Thread Bullet and a spare. If you're not ready for the reel just yet or if you're new to thread magic and want to learn more before diving in, you can use the Thread Bullets by themselves in many different ways. Both the Thread Bullets and the Thread Bullets DVD would be a great start. The're the perfect introduction to thread magic for anyone who wants to learn to work with invisible thread and levitate objects. 

Steve Fearson's Master Levitation System featuring the famous Fearson Hookup is also available and is the ultimate treatise on invisible thread work. Fearson's Hookup is the secret behind the most popular levitation effects ever offered to the magic community. You may know the basics, but unless you've studied the Master Levitation System and learned the techniques, nuances and theory behind them from the master himself, you just don't know. Master your craft, order the Master Levitation System today!

The Cobra Timer can also work in conjunction with the Cobra Remote which is right around the corner... stay tuned!

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