Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Vectra Cobra - The Reviews Are In!

Read The Reviews

Some of the first customers for the Vectra Cobra happen to be working pros, and the reviews have started to come in!

"I have worked with various forms of ITRs and levitation devices in the last ten years. Cobra blows them all out of the water..." (full review)  

"The cobra Reel has some wonderful features.  The EASE of which you can fix a broken thread is fantastic ...HIGHLY recommended!"  (full review)

Watch The Demo


Check out the Wallenda Bill in the Vectra Cobra Reel demo.

Take a Peek Inside


The reset is simply amazing.  You have to see it to believe it!  Video

Update: As a purchaser you will receive access to a private Cobra owners forum where you can knock heads and swap hacks with Cobra users from around the globe.  The Cobra is more than reel, it's an exciting new platform with UNLIMITED potential for creative exploration.  Log on and get inspired!  

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