Sunday, October 5, 2014

For Best Results... Use Vectra

ImageWe are on a mission at Emagic Supply. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to progress from a novice to a professional thread worker and we feel we've achieved that. The cornerstone of this achievement has undoubtedly been the Vectra™ line of invisible threads.

In just 5 short years, the Vectra line of levitation supplies has developed into one of the most recognized brands in magic. Vectra is to invisible thread what Kleenex is to tissues or Band-Aids to bandages. Just say Vectra and any magician, anywhere in the world will know what you're talking about.

The secret behind the popularity of Vectra is simple. Vectra makes all thread work BETTER.
The introduction of the original Vectra Super Strong thread was a true breakthrough for thread work, a game-changer in a field where the biggest hindrance to success is the delicate nature of the thread. The amazing strength of Vectra offered the promise of CONFIDENCE in a performance   With the fear factor gone, countless magicians were encouraged to jump on board and explore the world of thread magic for the very first time. Others who had long ago given up on thread decided to give it another shot, their confidence restored by the power of Vectra.

Today the field of thread work is flourishing, bigger than ever and growing every day! When new levitation products are released, inevitably the question arises... "Can I use Vectra?"
The answer is almost always YES. Whether you're spooling it into a device or working with a new hookup, Vectra can do the job. And the additional strength and invisibility of Vectra will give you the confidence you need to give your very best performance. So not only CAN you use Vectra, you SHOULD be using Vectra if you want the very best results.

We want you to get the best results possible with all your thread work.  So we're extending you an invitation to try ALL 3 Vectra threads and MORE at a very special price.
The 3 Vectra packages are normally $20 each. All 3 would cost $60. 

Our new Vectra Value Pack includes all 3 Vectra products for only $50!  

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