Monday, October 6, 2014

Epic Blockbuster Movie Magic Facebook Contest!

If the ad for Steve Fearson's latest release, RISE looked strangely familiar to you it's because it was loosely modeled after an iconic movie poster.  Some of you may have noticed the resemblance right away.

That one was easy.  Now let's try a harder one.  It's Levitation Impossible.  This one was released last year and it also bears a resemblance to a certain iconic movie poster.

We're giving away a $30 gift certificate to the first person who submits the correct answer on Facebook.
Do you think you know what it is?  We'll give you a hint, but not just yet.  If no one gets the right answer by Noon today PST we'll post the first hint.  We'll continue posting hints on Facebook until we get a winner. 
Come play!

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