Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bend the Elements With RISE!

ImageRISE is now available only as an instant download!

You'll learn how to present a levitation in a new way that won't leave them thinking of threads.

You'll also get a lesson in performing outdoors with invisible thread.  There's a secret to getting away with it, even in bright lighting and Steve Fearson tips it here.  

Of course you'll also learn the secret to making the bill not just waterproof... but water-phobic!  You've never seen a bill behave in this way before and Steve teaches you exactly how you can do it to your local currency.  This secret alone is worth the price of the download.

You can use any invisible thread you have on hand but for best results use Vectra, an original Vectra Super-Strong Thread Bullet was used in the video and in the explanation tutorial.
What you see in the clip is exactly what the audience sees.  First you blow on the bill causing it to jump up... high enough to catch it!

Then you can actually plunge the bill into water, completely submerging it.  As you can see, it JUMPS out and flutters back into your fingertips... BONE DRY!

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