Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Would You Say There Are A Plethora Of Levitation Systems?

With so many new tricks being released it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and anticipation surrounding the "next big thing". This happens to all of us, even here at Emagic Supply. 

And then we get an email like this... 

> I recently purchased the Master Levitation System, had been doing thread 
> work years earlier but never knew the history. This DVD gave me a new 
> appreciation and now find thread work more practical. The reason I am 
> writing this is I did the floating cigarette at a party recently after a few 
> smaller effects and this was not any paid thing. I was just around friends 
> but of all the floating effects I have ever done I have never gotten such a 
> reaction. Had a unanimous round of applause and encore. Your floating 
> cigarette is such a beautiful thing! Hope to have my own handling one day 
> because no one does it like you and if everyone copied the art wouldn't 
> progress. 

> Thanks, 
> [customer name omitted for privacy] 

Of course we hear things like this fairly often but right now it means a lot. In all of the 20+ years since the release of the Fearson Hookup in the Original Floating Cigarette routine, various floating effects have come and gone. But recently there has been a flurry of levitation "systems" released. There is literally a plethora of products to choose from, each one claiming to offer a breakthrough system of some sort or a new hookup.

Regarding this, we need to speak frankly for a moment. 

Thread work isn't all about a mechanical system or hookup. It's about techniques that make your work easier and theory that elevates your performance to another level. The Master Levitation System is a complete course that teaches much, much more than a simple hookup.  It teaches you how to make something actually look like it's floating, rather than hanging from a string.

Don't waste your time with anything else until you've studied the techniques, methods and theory detailed in the Master Levitation System. We stand behind this product 100% and believe you will find it to be the most valuable resource on thread work available today. 

You wouldn't do card magic without first mastering the basic card handlings and moves. The Master Levitation System is to thread magic what the Expert at the Card Table is to card work. Knowing it will make all your other work look better and in the end, it's all you really need.The Master Levitation System now includes samples of all 3 of our legendary Vectra series invisible threads. Vectra Virtuoso, Original Vectra Super Strong and Vectra X2.  When it comes to invisible thread, nothing beats Vectra™.

Order today and we'll include a Vectra Thread Bullet ($10 value) free of charge!
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