Wednesday, May 14, 2014

David Copperfield Brings Magic to The Amazing Race (and crushes all posers)

Magic meets Reality TV when David Copperfield teams up with The Amazing Race television show.  This sounds like another first in magic for the World's Greatest Illusionist as he will be training the teams to do magic.  They must master the art of illusion or... die?  Of course we know it has to be an illusion, simply because all reality tv is fake.  Performing an illusion on a fake reality show seems like something that might have the potential to start an infinite loop, rip a hole in space-time, end the world, etc.  That's another reason you wouldn't want to miss it.

It's coming up on the 18th, it's called the "Do You Believe in Magic" episode.  Here's the promo video:

It looks exciting and Copperfield looks great.  Judging from the reaction the clip seems to be getting on Youtube, Facebook and other social media, the world is ready for some honest-to-goodness MAGIC again.  There's a whole generation that's never known anything but camera tricks and half-baked magicians.  The Jim Carrey character in Burt Wonderstone pretty much sums up the general public's view of magic and it's been that way for quite some time now.

We'd like to think that Copperfield has noticed this phenomenon and is returning to network tv to crush all magic posers.  We envision him sipping water from the fountain of youth on Musha Cay, growing stronger and younger by the minute and chuckling quietly to himself as he watches Criss Angel grow old and feeble.  We envision him plotting, planning and preparing to reappear and restore tv magic to it's rightful state with a brand new special.

David, we understand that when you have a fountain of youth, you're in no rush.  But some of us can't wait.

Make a new television special.  Set the bar high again please. 

The future of magic depends on it.

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