Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dog Sees Floating Rock

Steve Fearson took a Vectra Thread Bullet out to the beach to see if it could lift a rock.  It managed to lift the rock he brought along.

The amazing Vectra series of invisible threads and the associated props and accessories allow you to create never-before-seen works of art.  Whether it's a performance piece, a photo or a kinetic sculpture, these are the tools you need to create a true spectacle.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Special Head Levitation Magic Trick on AGT

We just saw a  great magic trick, a levitation illusion performed by a street magician named Special Head on America's Got Talent.

Here's the video of the performance from youtube.

Now if you came here to find out how it works, a bit of the old secrets revealed... we won't be explaining the trick to how he's floating.  The secret to this illusion is obvious.

Question:  How did Special Head levitate?
Answer:  He did it very well.  Very, very well.

Of course we can't reveal Special Head's secret here, that pesky magician's code prevents us.  But we might suggest starting small and working your way up!  Check out a Floating Apple powered by Vectra™ Thread Bullets.  That will get you started as a levitation artist.