Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - Movie Review

Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton photo
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Starring Steve Carell as Burt Wonderstone, Steve Buscemi as his best friend and partner Anton Marvelton and featuring Jim Carrey as Steve Gray aka BrainRapist, this may be the most star-studded magic related movie released since Tony Curtis played Houdini.  It's been on the radar of magicians worldwide for the past year.  The magic community has been waiting with bated breath to find out whether it's going to be a slam or a slam dunk for magic and the audience's perception of the modern-day Houdini.  Curious also, as to what secrets the movie may hold, or let loose.  With it's release, all has been revealed!

The movie begins with a young Burt, bullied on his way home from school (circa 1983).  Alan Arkin catches his attention as Rance Holloway, a Blackstone Jr-esque character who pitches magic kits on TV.  When Burt gets the Rance Holloway Magic Kit as a gift, he's officially been bitten by the magic bug.  He teams up with fellow outcast Anton who becomes his best friend and magic partner.  Cut to Las Vegas, 15 or so years in the future and they're headlining as Burt and Anton, A Magical Friendship.

We catch up with them just as their act beginning to lose favor with the audience, due to a new kid on the block, Steve Gray aka Brain Rapist.  Steve Gray is basically Criss Angel doing David Blaine style stunts with an insane twist.

When Burt and Anton try to update their own act by incorporating an extreme stunt, everything goes wrong and in the ensuing chaos they break up the act.  And their friendship.  Burt is fired from the casino and reduced to performing at children's parties and becomes the house magician at a senior center.  Lo and behold... who happens to be a resident at the senior center?  Rance freaking Holloway!!  You can pretty much figure out what happens from here.  I'm not going to give away all the details.

The movie was funny pretty much all the way through.  Steve Carell is always funny but here he proves once again he has absolutely no range.  His character was clueless arrogant Michael from The Office.  There was even a sequence after he got fired and wanted to stay at his former assistant's house, (Olivia Wilde) that paralleled an episode of the Office virtually exactly.

Steve Buscemi is a fantastic actor but his portrayal of Anton fluxuated between annoying and effeminate, never seeming to quite find just the right balance.

Olivia Wilde was cast well as an aspiring magicianne' working backstage and then as the assistant.  She is also the love interest in the movie but that's neither here nor there since the movie failed to build on the relationship.  It wasn't convincing or necessary.

Alan Arkin was fantastic as Rance Holloway.  He made an appearance in a lesser-known movie titled "Magicians", years ago where he played the head of a magic club, also to great effect.  He really seems to know something about magic.  Or maybe just acting.  Either way, he nailed it.  Check out the movie Magicians for a quick performance of Steve Fearson's Floating Cigarette, the predecessor to Fearson's Master Levitation System.

David Coppefield appeared in a brief cameo.  Jay Moore also appeared and completely stunk up the screen.

Though the movie was enjoyable, it definitely could have been better.  The script would not be seen as clever or very creative from the point of view of the typical movie-goer.  But with the screenplay having been written by a magician, the magicians in the audience will likely get a bit more out of it.  Although it's a comedy that capitalizes on the truly ridiculous aspects of magic, the story is about the meaning of magic and Burt recapturing the wonder and the feeling of astonishment that got him into magic in the first place.  It could have done a better job of tying it all together, but magicians are going to feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they watch The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.  And maybe a bit upset at the very beginning, when the Thumb Tip is blatantly exposed.  But you'll get over it.

All-in-all the movie is a lot of fun and a must-see for any magician or magic fan.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Premium Floating Forks

The floating forks we've been supplying forever just got better.  We found a new source and they're made better and seem lighter.  Check out the video:

They're light enough to levitate using any invisible thread.  No instructions, prop only.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Soften Fearson's Master Wax

Fearson's Master Wax
Master Wax for Thread Work
If you've purchased Fearson's Master Wax and are wondering how to work with it, here's the secret:

Start with a pea-sized piece.  You need to squeeze it between the fingertips until it warms enough to soften up.  It is still a very solid wax, meant to hold thread firmly.  It will stick only to solid surfaces like a fingernail or a playing card.  A firm push with a small twist or sideways movement will make a good connection that can also be removed cleanly.

This is a question that comes up a lot when someone purchases the Master Wax by itself, since it doesn't come with instructions.  The Master Levitation System demonstrates exactly how to work with the wax, the invisible threads and much more.  Everything you need to know about the art of thread work.

Steve Fearson's Master Wax is the only magician's wax approved for use with the Vectra Line of invisible threads.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Because Magic Tricks Don't Supply Themselves

Magic Blog
Houdini says we need a magic blog.
eMagic Supply started out as a spin-off of Steve Fearson's Download Magic.  While Download Magic featured only Fearson's own tricks, eMagic Supply carried a small number of downloads from other creators.  Most notably Paul Vigil's Diplopia, which became a smash hit.

Through the years we have grown and evolved, adding more magic tricks and supplies until we arrived where we are now.  A one-stop magic shop with a strong focus on the art of levitation and levitation supplies  including Steve Fearson's Vectra line of invisible thread and wax products.  We now offer one of the most comprehensive lines of levitation magic and supplies in the business.  If you want to learn to perform thread magic, this is the magic shop you're looking for.

What we've never had is a magic blog.  And we're told we're supposed to so here it is.

We do have things to share from time to time that don't merit an email.  Magic on TV that we think deserves a mention for instance.  Being involved in magic as a business, we also run across some of the funniest magic videos and posts on magic forums, we may as well share them here where other magicians can appreciate them.

And of course we're eager to introduce magicians around the world to our exciting line of levitation products.   So if this will help more people find us and our magic, we'll give it a shot!