Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Honda Illusions Commercial

If you haven't seen it yet, Honda has a brand new commercial full of illusions that take advantage of the two dimensional nature of video.  Here it is:

And the secrets revealed version:

If you've read Steve Fearson's new ASCENSION manuscript you'll recognize this as exactly the type of promotion he talks about. Taking advantage of the flatland of the electronic realm to display illusions that could not be accomplished any other way. Of course Steve released his manuscript just before Honda made the video. The future of electronic, video magic or E-Magic looks bright. Get on board now: DOWNLOAD THE ASCENSION MANUSCRIPT

This is just a bit of the weirdness explored in Steve Fearson's Ascension Manuscript.  The ball never moves:

These video illusions are just the tip of the iceburg.  The world of EMagic is waiting for you!

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