Thursday, October 24, 2013

What's the Real Secret Behind Fearson's WWW?

Mobile Magic Trick from Steve Fearson
Within just days,  Worldwide Wonder hit our all-time bestseller list.  Within just hours, the reviews were pouring in on the magic industry's most trafficked forum, The Magic Cafe.
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The introductory special has ended.  But at $10 it's still a terrific value.  This is an original illusion based on a new principle developed by Steve Fearson.  Although the illusion depends on the latest technologies, it has actually been in development for over 10 years.

Over a decade ago, Steve spent an entire year working on a top-secret magic project along with two other leading magic creators, oriented entirely around the internet and technology.  The project was ahead of it's time and was abandoned.  In 2001 Steve released an updated version of the Wizard phone effect using a popular online messaging service.  It was way back then that he was developing these incredible new concepts.  But most have had to lie dormant, waiting for the proliferation of mobile devices.

Sitting someone down at a PC has never felt very magical.  But these devices are real-life magic wands.   Where a computer seemed to dull the magic, the seemingly unlimited potential and energy around these devices may in fact be assisting the spectator in suspending their disbelief.  As if maybe anything IS possible with these things!  Magic and the mobile are like peanut butter and chocolate.  But only when it's done right.
Prepare to see mobile magic done right.
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