Monday, May 27, 2013

Samples of 3 Levels of Vectra Invisible Threads Now Available!

In response to many requests from our customers, we are now offering free sample lengths of all of our static Vectra brand threads.  The Vectra line of invisible threads now includes, from weakest / most invisible to strongest / most visible:

Although the samples are "free" we must add a small shipping and handling charge (currently $5) to each sample.  This covers our production cost, time, labor envelope and shipping cost, anywhere in the world.  The lengths of the samples vary.  Vectra Virtuoso is 20-30 feet of strip-able fiber.  The Original Vectra Line sample is 5-6 feet of strip-able fiber and the Vectra X2 sample is about 20 feet of ready-to-use monofilament.  Each is enough to experiment with most traditional hookups, including the Fearson hookup.

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