Thursday, April 4, 2013

Free Samples of Vectra Virtuoso Invisible Thread

When we decided to offer a free sample of the newest member of the Vectra family of invisible threads, Vectra Virtuoso we got more than we bargained for in terms of a response.  

After the email went out, we were unable to check our orders for a few hours.  When we finally got to it we expected a handful.  Instead we had dozens.  All day and night it's been nothing but requests for the free thread sample.  We're in way over our heads but we'll dig our way out.

If you've requested a sample of the new Virtuoso thread, please allow us a couple days to catch up.  We expect to have all the orders out by the week's end.

We will keep offering the samples until we run out of thread.

To everyone who plans on taking part in our beta-testing, we're looking forward to hearing your results!

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