Friday, April 12, 2013

Amazing Web Spinner Reviews

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Web Spinner Reviews.  Too Good to be True?
The Web Spinner probably gets more reviews than anything on our site and sometimes we worry about them.  Not because they're bad.  Because they're almost TOO good.  But they're all true.  We promise!

This is the latest one, that prompted us to write this post:

"I was initially really nervous about this purchase, I've seen a lot of thread management devices and was never pleased.  The Web Spinner rules and I'm thrilled with my purchase. As a restaurant worker, this thing is invaluable.  Got me to do thread work years after I swore it off.   Highly recommend you pick this up."

It's always great to hear someone is thrilled with a purchase.  But knowing that we were part of a deal that actually made someone pick up thread work again makes us smile.

We spend every day selling magic.  It can be a grind, it's like any other business in so many ways.  Reviews and responses like this from our customers remind us why our business is special.  In so many ways :)

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